Secure email contact to reach providers & staff

New patient appointment request

New patient form for your first visit [child] 

Feedback and suggestions


Phone Visits

Request a phone or email consultation with your Therapist or Medication Provider if you have a complex problem but can’t arrange an office visit.



Medication monitor to do before phone/email consultations or office visits involving meds.  [eForm]  [pdf]  [child]

Therapy update to do before therapy visits, helps track positive changes you’re making in your life.

Input from friends & relatives [eForm]  [pdf]

Mood chart

Therapy session rating

Life satisfaction

Marital satisfaction


Records, Disability & Legal Services

Disability & FMLA assessment

Authorize us to communicate with your family or other people in your life [eForm]  [pdf]  [ms word]

Request records from us   [eForm]  [pdf]  [ms word]

Request that outside providers send records to us or communicate with us [pdf]  [ms word]

Agreement to Legal & Forensic Services


—Updated 6/28/17 by Chris Aiken, MD