Mindfulness Group

It treats depression, anxiety, insomnia, overeating, and physical pain. It’s the stress-reduction technique therapists use in their own lives, and that businesses like Google are teaching to their executives. It’s defined as “paying attention to the present moment, with intention, in a friendly, non-judgmental way,” but it’s much easier to learn through practice than by reading about it. This 1-day seminar will introduce you to the basic concepts of mindfulness.

What, where, and cost

Saturday, March 3, 9am – 12pm
Mood Treatment Center, 1615 Polo Rd, Winston-Salem NC
Cost: $50. If you are registered and need to pay use this form.

What to expect

In this 3-hour seminar you will learn the basics of mindfulness. The instructor will guide the group through mindfulness exercises and provide guidance for independent practice. You can sit and listen and learn quietly, or speak up; it is not a process group so sharing is optional.

How to Sign Up

Space is limited so contact us to reserve a spot.

About the Instructor

TJ Shaffer specializes in mindfulness therapy and crisis intervention. Before coming to the Mood Treatment Center he taught mindfulness and positive psychology at Penn State University and as a guest lecturer at Harvard.


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