Recovery Guides

The key to recovering from a mood disorder is to start with basic things that you are able to do and keep doing them regularly.  Once these first steps become habits, your brain will build stronger connections, and you will have moved closer to recovery and can take on new challenges.

Taking on more than you are ready for can lead to set-back and a sense of failure.  This guide begins with basic steps.  It is best to work these principles into your life with the help of a therapist. 

The first part, “Living With Mood” contains advice to cope better with the effects of mood and break the vicious cycles that moods create. 

The second part, “Living Beyond Mood”, is for people who are closer to full recovery.  The advice in this part may be harder to follow during an intense mood, but it can help you keep from slipping back into moods once you are out of them.

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—Updated 3/18/17 by Chris Aiken, MD