We offer several ways to schedule online:

Request a First Visit (for new patients).

Request an email or phone consultation with your Therapist or Medication Provider.

Schedule an Office Visit through our patient portal.


How to use the Patient Portal

Our patient portal is the easiest way to schedule appointments. To join, ask us to send you an email invitation or search your email for ďmessages@carecloud.comĒ.

From the link in that invitation, you enter the code ď1212Ē and proceed to create your own password (click here for step-by-step directions).

If you have an urgent matter and donít see an opening online, contact us directly as we often keep urgent openings on a separate calendar.


Troubleshooting the Portal

Canít find your invitation? Set your emailís junk filter to allow emails from messages@carecloud.com.

Portal not working? Try it in a different browser (it works best in Chrome, Mozilla and Firefox).

Canít register with your email? Each patient needs a unique email, so you canít use the same email address for multiple family members.

Want appointment reminders? Our system can send either an email, phone or text reminder for appointments Ė tell us your preference.