Our Treatment Approach

Balanced Treatment

Mood disorders affect the whole person, from their thoughts and emotions to their family life and physical health. Today, full recovery is possible, and there are many effective treatments to choose from including medication, therapy, light-boxes, supplements and dietary and lifestyle approaches.

Not all treatments are right for everyone, and not all aspects of mood disorders are negative. These conditions also bring strengths which are important to identify so they donít get lost in the treatment. Our goal is to help people find the right balance between the benefits of full treatment and the risks of overtreatment.


Careful Assessment

There are many kinds of mood and anxiety disorders, and accurate diagnosis is essential to finding the right treatment.For example, some depressions can actually get worse with antidepressants.An accurate diagnosis can also help you find the right therapy.Some psychotherapies work best if your depression started recently, while others work better if your depression has been long-standing.

We use research-based diagnostic tests to make sure we are on the right path.


Shared Decision Making

At each visit, you will play a key role in choosing the treatment that best fits your goals.

When making recommendations, we consider both the long and short-term effects of treatment.To do this accurately, we have developed a computerized version of the LifeChart, a system developed at the National Institutes of Health to closely monitor individual responses to mood treatments.


Family Involvement

Mood and anxiety disorders impact the whole family, and healing from these effects is an important part of recovery.We offer therapy and educational programs for family members.

Everyone differs in how they would like their family involved.We respect peopleís need for privacy and will discuss with you what level of family involvement is best for your own situation.††††††



This picture shows brain cells growing. Our brains change through time, and both medication and psychotherapy can promote strengthening and growth in the brain.