Our medical director, Chris Aiken, teamed up with PESI Press to create The Depression and Bipolar Workbook, an easy-to-read guide to recovery. Written for people who suffer from depression or bipolar disorder, the book walks you through a day in the life, highlighting the essential steps you can take along the way to lift mood, improve focus, and manage repetitive worries and rumination.

The book expands on Dr. Aiken’s previous work, Bipolar, Not So Much, with new material. Included in the “30 techniques to change the body and the brain in ways that medications can’t” are:

Food: The first diet-plan that treats depression

Anxiety: Simple techniques to quiet repetitive worries

Memory and concentration: How these hidden symptoms impact life and what you can do about them

Temperature: How hot baths, cold water, and cool bedrooms improve mood and sleep

Air quality: Air purifiers that treat depression

Nature: From water to forests to four-legged friends, contact with nature improves mood and concentration

Apps and Social Media: How to make them work for your brain

Plus a complete therapy program for insomnia, dawn simulators and brisk awakening for energy and depression, and details on how to filter blue light in the evening to deepen sleep and stabilize mood.

Available for pre-order on Amazon.