This 6 week program combines mindfulness, breathing, and yoga to improve emotional balance.

when     Tuesdays, 7/9–8/13, 9:00–10:20 a.m.

where   1901 Adams Farm Parkway, Greensboro

cost     Free for first 6 sessions

How Yoga Helps

Yoga is one of the best-studied lifestyle interventions for depression and anxiety. Yoga pulls together a number of stress-reduction techniques – including exercise, mindfulness and controlled breathing – so it makes sense that yoga helps depression and anxiety. Yoga reduces the physiologic stress response, such as racing heart, panicked breathing and high blood pressure. It also improves sleep, concentration, energy and chronic pain.

What to Expect

At each session, the instructor will lead the group in a practice of centering and breath-work, a trauma-sensitive yoga practice, and exercises in mindfulness. At-home practices will be offered and reviewed to support progress between sessions.

Is This for Me?

This group is meant to support people dealing with depression, anxiety and related disorders, and survivors of trauma. All levels of experience are welcome from beginner to regular practitioner.

What to Bring

Dress comfortably for movement. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

A 6-week pilot program is offered at no charge; participants must register and commit to 6 consecutive weeks of practice. Initial session is limited to 10 participants.

How to Sign Up

To reserve a place contact us at
Location: 1901 Adams Farm Parkway, Greensboro

About the Instructor

Carolyn Rifkin is a therapist at the Mood Treatment Center. She trained in yoga instruction at the Triad Yoga Institute and maintains a personal practice. She is completing her yoga teacher certification and instruction in this pilot session is part of that process. Carolyn is also trained in trauma-sensitive practices and draws from psychodrama, externalization, body-centered therapies and mindfulness.