Hopeful Texting


There’s a lot of negative press about social media and the brain, but the news is not all bad. A new study found that supportive text messages can have a real antidepressant effect. The

Hopeful Texting2018-03-11T18:04:00-04:00

Benadryl and Dementia


Many over the counter sleep aids contain pain medicines and Benadryl (diphenhydramine), neither of which are very safe. We’ve often told people to avoid “PM” meds for sleep and take

Benadryl and Dementia2017-09-10T10:22:07-04:00

Does Stress Cause Depression?


In the short term, stress does not cause depression. Stress activates the fight-or-flight system, motivating people to try harder and, hopefully, overcome the problem. It does this by raising stress hormones like cortisol

Does Stress Cause Depression?2017-09-10T10:22:14-04:00
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