The Mind-Gut Connection


The gut is lined with billions of bacteria that communicate with the brain, and when you build a healthier colony of gut-bacteria it improves: Depression Anxiety Bipolar disorder Memory Schizophrenia Autism Weight loss

The Mind-Gut Connection2020-10-27T22:23:49-04:00

A Baker’s Dozen


We've gathered over a dozen ways to treat depression that don't involve medication. Sorry, they don't include donuts, but they do include a new diet that treats depression with an effect that rivals

A Baker’s Dozen2019-04-11T09:19:06-04:00

Antidepressant Cookbook


For the first time, a diet has been developed that treats depression. Two Australian studies tested it out in 2017 with results that compared well to psychotherapy (though it works best in people who

Antidepressant Cookbook2018-02-07T13:31:35-05:00

An Antidepressant Diet?


Drawing from decades of research on food and the brain, a new diet has been developed that treats depression and improves memory. Read more in Dr. Aiken's Psychiatric Times article (also available in PDF

An Antidepressant Diet?2017-09-16T23:25:41-04:00
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