The Mind-Gut Connection


The gut is lined with billions of bacteria that communicate with the brain, and when you build a healthier colony of gut-bacteria it improves: Depression Anxiety Bipolar disorder Memory Schizophrenia Autism Weight loss

The Mind-Gut Connection2020-10-27T22:23:49-04:00

Mindful Coloring


They're not just for kids. That's right, the mindful coloring kids we've installed in our waiting rooms are for all ages. We just couldn't ignore the research on these things. Studies since 1999 have

Mindful Coloring2020-02-04T12:54:43-05:00

A Baker’s Dozen


We've gathered over a dozen ways to treat depression that don't involve medication. Sorry, they don't include donuts, but they do include a new diet that treats depression with an effect that rivals

A Baker’s Dozen2019-04-11T09:19:06-04:00
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