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Sobriety Group


If you’ve been using more alcohol or drugs lately, you’re not alone. Substance use has been on the rise during quarantine, so we developed the Sobriety in Recovery group to address the unique needs

Sobriety Group2021-03-01T10:44:19-05:00

Free Webinar Series from MTC


12 free webinars from our team to optimize your mental health: Improve sleep and energy Stay focused Prevent family conflict Steer kids through the crisis Ward off depression and anxiety The webinar is generously

Free Webinar Series from MTC2020-10-01T09:15:50-04:00

Opening on Country Club Rd


Our new office opens Monday, October 15, 2018 at the corner of Country Club and Jonestown Roads: 104 Cambridge Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Here's who will be there: Medication Providers Laura Davis Brian

Opening on Country Club Rd2018-10-14T08:31:22-04:00
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