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Opening on Country Club Rd


Our new office opens Monday, October 15, 2018 at the corner of Country Club and Jonestown Roads: 104 Cambridge Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 Here's who will be there: Medication Providers Laura Davis Brian

Opening on Country Club Rd2018-10-14T08:31:22-04:00

Speaking of Trauma


Do you know someone who's been through trauma? Whether hurricanes, sexual assault, violence, or major accidents, it is critical to believe their story, and believe that their suffering is real. Here are some things

Speaking of Trauma2018-10-11T20:58:00-04:00

Fall Newsletter


School is back for the Fall, and so is our Fall newsletter, filled with simple methods to keep your brain awake and alert while it's learning. Also inside: Updates on our new Country

Fall Newsletter2018-10-02T08:35:35-04:00

Mindfulness Podcast


Tune in to our free mindfulness podcast. Why is mindfulness such a popular form of stress-reduction? Defined as “the basic human capacity to pay attention on purpose, with intention, in the present moment, in a friendly

Mindfulness Podcast2018-09-14T17:52:06-04:00

TMS Approved for OCD


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) received its second FDA approval in psychiatry this week, for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). TMS has been used for depression since 2008 and is offered in two forms: Surface TMS

TMS Approved for OCD2019-02-17T09:12:01-05:00

Hopeful Texting


There’s a lot of negative press about social media and the brain, but the news is not all bad. A new study found that supportive text messages can have a real antidepressant effect. The

Hopeful Texting2018-03-11T18:04:00-04:00

Antidepressant Cookbook


For the first time, a diet has been developed that treats depression. Two Australian studies tested it out in 2017 with results that compared well to psychotherapy (though it works best in people who

Antidepressant Cookbook2018-02-07T13:31:35-05:00
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