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Sobriety Group


If you’ve been using more alcohol or drugs lately, you’re not alone. Substance use has been on the rise during quarantine, so we developed the Sobriety in Recovery group to address the unique needs

Sobriety Group2021-03-01T10:44:19-05:00

Skills Group for Teens by Tele


Learn stress-management skills to improve mood swings, relationships, impulsivity, and anxiety. This DBT group is open to high school aged teens. The educational sessions will be held online through our teletherapy platform, with in

Skills Group for Teens by Tele2020-10-01T09:10:26-04:00

A Mindful Update


At Mood Treatment Center we have compiled a full course of podcasts to help guide beginners and experts alike in their practice. Now with over a dozen episodes available to download- Tune in to

A Mindful Update2019-05-28T13:58:57-04:00

Fall Newsletter


School is back for the Fall, and so is our Fall newsletter, filled with simple methods to keep your brain awake and alert while it's learning. Also inside: Updates on our new Country

Fall Newsletter2018-10-02T08:35:35-04:00

Mindfulness Podcast


Tune in to our free mindfulness podcast. Why is mindfulness such a popular form of stress-reduction? Defined as “the basic human capacity to pay attention on purpose, with intention, in the present moment, in a friendly

Mindfulness Podcast2018-09-14T17:52:06-04:00

Coping Skills Seminar


A DBT-based group to build stress management skills This 6-session seminar will teach core Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills to help relationships, depression, anger, and impulsive control. DBT was

Coping Skills Seminar2017-12-12T11:29:27-05:00
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