There’s a lot of negative press about social media and the brain, but the news is not all bad. A new study found that supportive text messages can have a real antidepressant effect.

The messages were simple, but the benefit was marked. After three months, those who received two supportive messages had a 25% reduction in depression compared to those who received generic “thank you for participating” messages.

A sampling of the messages is below. Inspired by this study, we’ve launched a new Instagram account that will feature a regular stream of supportive messages, antidepressant advice, and hopeful research updates. Find us on Instagram with the key word “moodnews.” Facebook users can follow the thread at:

What lies behind you and what lies before you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you. Have faith in yourself and success can be yours.

There are 2 days in the week we should not worry about, yesterday and tomorrow. That leaves today, live for today.

Stumbling blocks can become stepping stones to a better life. You can turn adversities into opportunities. Do not be discouraged because of today’s problems.

Letting go of resentment is a gift you give yourself, and it will ease your journey immeasurably. Make peace with everyone and happiness will be yours.

Pay attention to activities that have a positive impact on your mood. Note these activities and refer to them when you hit a low point to improve your mood.