Julie Gleim

Julie Gleim, LCMHC


Julie Gleim is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor at the Mood Treatment Center.  She is passionate about assisting clients achieve their goals.  With many years experience and a down-to-earth nature, Julie creates a comfortable space for clients to grow.

Clients she works with

  • Children ages five through college-aged
  • Young professionals
  • Parents

Areas she works in

Depressive Disorders, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Adjustment Disorders, ADHD, Social Skills, and Career Issues.

Therapeutic approaches

Julie utilizes an integrated and person-centered approach meaning she incorporates different aspects of multiple therapy styles to individualize her approach to each specific client with their needs and goals in mind.  Types of therapy that Julie integrates include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Gestalt, Family Systems Approach, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Play Therapy, Parent Child Interaction, Positive Parenting, Mindfulness Based, Psychoanalytic, and Interpersonal Psychology.


Julie received her BS in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from NCSU, MS in Counselor Education from ECU, and Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from ASU. She is originally from New Bern, NC but lives in Winston-Salem with her family.

What’s a common misunderstanding people have about therapy?

“There are several.  The main one is that you have to be “crazy” or have some big issue for therapy.  That is not the case.  Therapy is for everyone.  Life can be hard and everyone needs support.  Other misunderstandings include: Therapy will always feel great when in actuality, sometimes, we have to push you to grow and achieve your goals (just like you get sore after a workout).  Also, that we will automatically send you to the hospital or that we will judge you but, honestly, we are just proud of you for showing up.”

How can clients get the most out of therapy?

“Be honest and advocate for yourself.  We are only here to help, so be honest with us.  Advocate for what you need in session – do you need to be pushed more or held accountable?  Do you need more validation?  Do you need more concrete skills?  And even, do you need a different therapist? – Let us help find the right fit for you.”

What’s your favorite book [movie, play, sport, quote, hobbie, etc]?

“As an avid reader, I am not sure I can pick just one favorite book!  I have played and loved volleyball since 11 years old.  I, also, love oil painting and anything to do with water (waterfalls, pool, ocean, lakes).  Other hobbies include refinishing old furniture and yoga.”


Tuesday- Friday 9am-4pm



Currently offering teletherapy only

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