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Do you know someone who is suffering from depression? Or maybe someone has supported you through that time and you’d like to say “thanks.” This is where the simplest actions can make a powerful difference. Sending a note of support to someone who is depressed can improve their mood, and studies have found that it actually lowers their risk of suicide.

“Get well soon” cards are common for physical illnesses, but when it’s the brain that gets hurt those expressions of support are often few and far between.

That’s why we’ve partnered with artist Lynne McDowall who has created a new line of Mental Health Care Cards. As a person living with anxiety and Bipolar Disorder, Lynne created these cards from her own experience with mental health issues, both in herself and in others she cares about.

Cards like these can also help the sender. Giving freely to others is one of the more reliable paths to a happier life.

Mental Health Care Cards are available at each of our offices or online (www.ihsart.com). All profits will go to Idle Hands Studios to support further therapeutic applications of art.