Learn stress-management skills to improve mood swings, relationships, impulsivity, and anxiety. This DBT group is open to high school aged teens. The educational sessions will be held online through our teletherapy platform, with in person meetings if the COVID risk goes down.

Dates and Registration

We are starting a new group in Fall 2020 – reserve your spot now.

Register online or by email: [email protected] or phone/text: (336) 722-7266

What to Expect

Unlike traditional group therapy, this is a structured educational group that is focused on one thing: Helping you learn skills to build a life worth living. You will take an active role in monitoring your progress as you apply new skills to manage the challenges of everyday life.

You’ll learn four main skills in DBT:

  1. Relationship Skills. Learn how to successfully assert your needs and manage conflicts in relationships.
  2. Emotion Regulation. You can’t completely control your emotions, but these skills will help you let go of painful ones and keep your emotions from running your life.
  3. Distress Tolerance. With this skill, you’ll learn how to survive crises and ride the waves of intense emotions.
  4. Mindfulness. This popular stress-reduction skill reduces anxiety and improves focus. You’ll learn how to live more fully in the moment, without worrying about the future, running from emotions, or judging your experience as “good” or “bad.”


Most insurances cover the group, and we also offer  sliding-scale program for out-of-pocket costs. The actual cost will depend on your insurance and income. (14 weekly sessions, 1.5 hours each). There is a $50 deposit due to reserve your spot. In the event that a session is missed, a fee of $37.50 will be charged. If two sessions are missed, the entire deposit will be forfeit.

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