TJ Shaffer, MA, LCMHC-S

Therapist, Director of Therapy Services at Polo Office

Clients he works with
  • Individuals 18 and older
Areas he works in
  • Mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD and sleep distress.
Therapeutic approaches
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • CBT for insomnia


T.J. was born in Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina in 2012. He offers generalized counseling approaches to provide relief from stress, anxiety and mood problems. He completed his graduate work at Penn State University and taught Positive Psychology, Health Psychology and Abnormal Psychology there after finishing his degree. 

He has worked as a counselor in many settings including residential treatment, Hospital, Prison and Private Practice and has gained particular expertise working with individuals with mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD and sleep distress. He uses established therapeutic tools including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and CBT for insomnia. 

He is licensed in North Carolina as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor and provides clinical supervision to students and counselors based on their needs. 

T.J. believes that by providing a warm and open environment we can better question and challenge the things that prevent us from living fully in each moment.

What inspired you to go into therapy?

I have always been very interested in people and how we experience the world and the way that the mind shapes that experience including the potential for incredible freedom in the midst of adversity. 

What guides you in your work as a therapist?

I believe that all people have an inherent ability to heal and thrive in difficult circumstances and illness, particularly when given an opportunity to be free from critical judgment of ourselves. Within the context of a therapeutic relationship, we experience the opportunity for great growth and awakening to clarity. It is an honor to walk with people through the journey of their lives. 

What are your guiding principles in therapy?

I work largely from a Mindfulness-Based approach, where space from the impact of our thoughts and experiences gives us more potential for clarity, non-reactivity and empowered choice.


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