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Autism Support Group

Dating, job challenges, independence, and everyday relationships bring unique challenges for people living with Asperger's and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This group for men and women age 18-30 offers

“Mood disorders are terribly painful illnesses, and they are isolating illnesses. And they make people feel terrible about themselves when, in fact, they can be treated.”

Kay Redfield Jamison • Psychologist and Author

Food Matters

Flavanols and the Brain

What do berries, dark chocolate, tea, apples, citrus, and almonds have in common? They are rich in flavanol, an antioxidant that’s made news this year in the research on brain health.

Flanavols prevent depression and improve memory. Three cups of tea a day lowers the risk of depression by 37%, and six daily cups nearly doubles that benefit. An extract of dark chocolate, CocoaVia, brought the average memory of 65 year-olds down to that of 35 year-olds after a few months.

For Teens of Bipolar Parents

Teens can sign up and get paid for a national study to help identify early signs of bipolar. If your parents have that diagnosis, but you do not, you may be eligible to participate (it’s ok if you have other conditions besides bipolar). The study does not involve active treatment, though participants can use mental health treatments freely as they need to while enrolled.


Natural Sleep Online

A behavioral approach that outperforms sleep medicine

Through cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), people learn to harness their natural sleep rhythms and overcome the anxieties that get in the way of sleep. A consensus of sleep doctors concluded that CBT-i works better than sleep medicine, and new research shows it also treats depression. You can do CBT-i with a therapist, through our paper-and-pencil version, on a free app (CBT-i Coach), or through Sleepio, an online and app-based program with proven benefits in sleep.