The Mind-Gut Connection


The gut is lined with billions of bacteria that communicate with the brain, and when you build a healthier colony of gut-bacteria it improves: Depression Anxiety Bipolar disorder Memory Schizophrenia Autism Weight loss

The Mind-Gut Connection2020-10-27T22:23:49-04:00

An App for COVID Stress


Mindfulness, habit change, cognitive therapy and tools for anxiety, insomnia, and isolation. It's all here in one place. COVID COACH is app a free app with effective strategies to navigate pandemic stress.  Search for

An App for COVID Stress2020-10-03T14:40:13-04:00

Hasley Speaks up for Bipolar


Singer-songwriter Hasley called on people to have compassion for those with bipolar this week.“No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed

Hasley Speaks up for Bipolar2020-07-22T09:27:00-04:00

Skills Group for Teens by Tele


Learn stress-management skills to improve mood swings, relationships, impulsivity, and anxiety. This DBT group is open to high school aged teens. The educational sessions will be held online through our teletherapy platform, with in

Skills Group for Teens by Tele2020-10-01T09:10:26-04:00

Free Webinar Series from MTC


12 free webinars from our team to optimize your mental health: Improve sleep and energy Stay focused Prevent family conflict Steer kids through the crisis Ward off depression and anxiety The webinar is generously

Free Webinar Series from MTC2020-10-01T09:15:50-04:00
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