Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, with intention, in the present moment, in a friendly and non-judging way. It’s a popular stress reduction strategy that treats depression, anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia. Mindfulness also improves physical health, reducing chronic pain, strengthening the immune system, and lowering blood pressure.

What to Expect

This 4-session online seminar will help you learn and practice this essential skill. The instructor will lead the group through mindful exercises. There will also be time for members to learn from each other’s experience. Sharing will be optional, not required, during the course. The course is hosted in our secure, “zoom-like” video platform.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

The group is covered by BCBS. The self-pay rate is $40/session. There is a $50 deposit due to reserve your spot and the balance is due before or on the day of the session.

How to Sign Up

Contact us to reserve a spot in the next group. If the next group doesn’t work for you, send us a message and we’ll keep you in mind for the next one.

Next group: January 6-27, Wednesdays 5:30-7:00pm

About the Instructor

Mark Chrisinger, LCMHCA, NCC, is a therapist and active mindfulness practitioner. He graduated from the Wake Forest University counseling program.

Four Sessions

1. What is mindfulness?
2. Mindfulness meditation
3. Mindfulness in everyday life
4. A mindfulness model for dealing with distress


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