Skills Group for Teens by Tele


Learn stress-management skills to improve mood swings, relationships, impulsivity, and anxiety. This DBT group is open to high school aged teens. The educational sessions will be held online through our teletherapy platform, with in

Skills Group for Teens by Tele2020-07-03T09:25:52-04:00

Now Accepting Medicare


It's hard enough to ask for mental help. Getting it shouldn't be so difficult. For people on Medicare, it can be nearly impossible to find a therapist who takes their insurance.  Medicare only covers

Now Accepting Medicare2020-03-07T23:30:33-05:00

Mindful Coloring


They're not just for kids. That's right, the mindful coloring kids we've installed in our waiting rooms are for all ages. We just couldn't ignore the research on these things. Studies since 1999 have

Mindful Coloring2020-02-04T12:54:43-05:00
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