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The Mind-Gut Connection


The gut is lined with billions of bacteria that communicate with the brain, and when you build a healthier colony of gut-bacteria it improves: Depression Anxiety Bipolar disorder Memory Schizophrenia Autism Weight loss

The Mind-Gut Connection2020-10-27T22:23:49-04:00

Skills Group for Teens by Tele


Learn stress-management skills to improve mood swings, relationships, impulsivity, and anxiety. This DBT group is open to high school aged teens. The educational sessions will be held online through our teletherapy platform, with in

Skills Group for Teens by Tele2020-10-01T09:10:26-04:00

Less Screen Time for Children


Articles abound in parenting magazines counseling parents that so-called “baby tech” on phones and tablets have healthy developmental benefits for young children. “Best Apps for Babies,” “Amuse and Educate” – these are

Less Screen Time for Children2019-04-27T20:31:27-04:00

How to Stop Worrying


Worrying, over-analyzing, obsessing, brooding. Most people with mood problems have a lot of experience with this type of thinking. Psychologists call it rumination, and it’s a habit that can get in the way of

How to Stop Worrying2019-09-23T23:51:35-04:00

New Office in Boone


379 New Market Blvd, Suite 1 Boone, NC 28607 Our Boone office opens in January 2019 and will offer medication, therapy, and natural treatments. Dr. Aiken, will be there along with Ginny

New Office in Boone2018-11-11T23:28:38-05:00
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